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Burial Benefits
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Burial Benefits


VA Burial Benefits




Bourne National Cemetery Burial
Bourne, MA
Contact: 508 563-7113

No charge to veteran or family; burial plot and marker included.

All Massachusetts veterans with honorable discharge are eligible.

If the burial is to be at Bourne National Cemetery, cemetery personnel will arrange for headstone/marker.



State Cemeteries

Agawam, MA
Contact: 413 821-9500

Winchendon, MA
Contact: 978 297-9501

No charge to veteran ; burial plot and marker included. There is a charge for spouse and dependent children $150 for cremation and $300 for burial.

All Massachusetts veterans with honorable discharge are eligible.



Burial NOT at Bourne National Cemetery or MA State Cemetery

Veterans who meet any of the following four criteria can receive a $700 burial allowance and a $300 plot allowance from the VA Regional Office.



Has service connected disabilities rated 10% or higher



Receiving a non-service connected pension



Died while under VA contract nursing home care



Died in VA Medical Center $700 for burial and $700 Plot allowance

Required: A copy of the Death Certificate and Form DD214.


DD214 ( Military Discharge Paper) If veteran entered the service while living in MA,

Massachusetts War Of Records contact information is tel# 508 233-7780, may have a copy of the veterans discharge paper.

If death is Service Connected (which is determined by the regional VA office), the allowance is $2,000 for all funeral expenses.

Most funeral directors in Massachusetts are aware of this benefit and do apply for it for the families. A family member can apply; a copy of the paid funeral home bill will be required with the application.

The family can apply for a headstone/marker by contacting the VA Regional Office: 1-800-827-1000 and requesting Form 40-1330. The family completes the form, and has the Director of the cemetery where the veteran will be buried co-sign the form. The form, with a copy of the Military Discharge papers, is then faxed to: 1-800-455-7143. Or, visit:

VA will ship the headstone/marker free of charge to cemetery. Family may be charged for placement of headstone/marker.


Source: 2005 Edition, Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents

 VA Burial Benefits - Application and instructions